Our focus is to provide reliable service that you can depend on: leaving you more time to focus on your business. Expert Business Support promises that your payroll needs will be met, saving you time and money.
Summary of Services
We believe the less time you have to spend on payroll the better; simply call, fax, or email your payroll information and you’re done. Your own personal representative will enter all of your information, and you will receive your paychecks or stubs and payroll reports the following business day (direct deposit requires 4 day turnaround). We can also track and pay subcontractor labor.
Management Reporting
With your payroll data available, management reports are easily selected. You can track virtually any aspect of your business, which allows you to stay on top of important issues as they arise. Some key reports include Department and Division Summaries, Workers’ Compensation, Payroll Recap, Vacation/Sick Accrual, Labor Distribution and Fiscal Year Reporting. You can even request customized reports on demand.
Payroll Tax Filing Services
Our tax filing service is included in our payroll service at no additional cost limiting your tax liability. We take responsibility for all of your tax payments and reporting. Our automated and guaranteed accurate payroll tax calculations give you peace of mind. Our electronic payments and reporting prevent losses and warrant accuracy. If there is a problem, our professional staff steps in to correct the problem.
Payroll Check Options
We offers a variety of options to ensure that payroll is distributed in the way that works best for both employers and their employees. These include; direct deposit into employees’ designated bank accounts; and client-owned paychecks, written on the business owner’s account at any bank.
Payroll Pay Period
We makes it possible for you to pay your employees as many times as you need with no extra cost.  From once a month, to weekly, we will customize a time that works best for you.
Paperless Payroll
The delivery of your employees pay and the elimination of the live payroll check will allow you to receive all your payroll reports and pay stubs electronically via a secure data transfer. View or print only what you require at your convenience, whenever and wherever you want that information.
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