Offer 14 Workshops

1. Understanding Tax Returns (specifically with SCH C)

This workshop will cover the basic understanding of a tax return and how taxes are formulated.  It will cover specifically what the individuals need to know to complete their taxes including a Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business) correctly with what deductions are allowed and not allowed.  The workshop will also touch on the different types of business entities (Sole proprietor, LLC, Incorporations), and how those differ in tax implications.  We will also discuss the accounting needs throughout the year to avoid the stress of compiling the needed records in April.

2. Tools to use for Business Success
This workshop will outline 9 basic concepts to utilize to become a successful business owner.  Topics range from how to create your vision, using time wisely, Managing staff, setting specific goals and more.  

3. What is a Financial Statement
This is a basic workshop designed for someone that is looking into starting their own business; however, they do not know the first thing in regards to accounting or what will be needed come tax time or requesting an operating loan.  This workshop will teach participants how to develop a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, as well what these are used for.  

4. Being a small business owner what does that mean

Description to come

5. Accounting 101 for the business owner
​This workshop is a more in depth workshop from “what is a financial statement”.  In this series, we will teach how to manage your paperwork for your business, including accounts payable and accounts receivable.

6. Planning for college

Worried about paying for your child's college education?  You're not alone and you don't have to do it all yourself.  Learn how to estimate how much you will need and different investment options and other funding sources.  We will also cover the tax advantages/disadvantages of the various options as well as different tax credits available. 

7. Identity Theft

A recent study found that 15.4 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2016 alone.  Learn tips and techniques to protect yourself from becoming a victim.  Also, learn what the IRS and state governments are doing to protect taxpayers and what to do if you do have an issue.

8. Personal Finance Basics

Learn the very basics of personal finance with an emphasis on establishing good habits.  We'll cover setting a budget, planning for retirement at any age, using credit wisely and how to fill out W-4's.

9. The Debt Dilemma

This workshop will discuss debt on several levels including the difference between good debt and bad debt, how to use debt wisely and strategies to dig out of debt.  We will also discuss how credit affects your life, how to check your credit and what influences your credit score.

10. Financial Planning Series  

IAssessing Personal Net Worth, Setting Goals, Budgeting, Investment Basics

11. Financial Planning for Servers

Description to come

12. Rental Properties

Description to come

13. Understanding Social Security and Medicare

Description to come

14. Preparing for End of Life Financial Issues

Description to come


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